Clean Seat Unisex/Unscented 28 Pack

The Clean Seat Undie Protector is a revolutionary product made for both men and women.  The Clean Seat is a thin, comfortable sanitary pad, large enough to Keep Your Seat Clean. Created for hemorrhoid sufferers, pregnant women, truck drivers, those who perspire, the elderly, incontinence sufferers, and anyone who simply wants to have clean underwear at the end of the day.  We were happily surprised when tests proved that it also could be used for menstrual flow.

Made from the highest quality materials, The Clean Seat was painstakingly manufactured to accomodate a variety of users.  The actual size is 320mm long, the widest part is 100mm, narrowing to 60mm.  The top layer is soft, yet breathable with The Clean Seat logo design stamped on to channel wetness.  We added SAP to the middle layer, a gel that locks in liquid.  We chose a strong adhesive and thicker than usual backing to ensure The Clean Seat stays in place all day.  It fits well in mens or ladies briefs, mens boxers, or ladies panties.

The logical choice for when a mini-pad is too small, and bulky diaper type coverage is too big. 

The Clean Seat is just right.


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